Terms of Service

The services listed on our website can be used by our partners. Reservations are made through an online system upon entry of associates using codes partners have received after registration. Access can be granted upon request from the partner only through the special Online booking system.

In order to get booking validation and confirmation all necessary steps required by the system have to be completed successfully and the relevant confirmation from the reservation department of the company have to be received.

Cancellation can be done through a system, with a special button that creates the application. For cancellation, it will be confirmed by the reservation department and shown in the booking status in the private account of each partner who can view and edit all it’s bookings.

The refund can be made by bank transfer after the completion of the cancellation confirmation.

All terms of use and cooperation, such as reservation of services, confirmation of reservation, changes on reservation, cancellations of reservations, payments and refunds of reservations are mentioned on signed partner’s agreement.