Mykonos is an island where dreams come true... where the myths of ancient Greece come to life at every dawn and fall asleep with every sunset... along with this mysterious, but so captivating place, lost somewhere in the Aegean Sea. Hearing Mykonos, pictures of the southern coast and true Eden on Earth emerge in the imagination. It seems that this is a distant and unattainable dream for many and that only bohemians can cross the threshold of this little paradise on earth, lost somewhere in the expanses of the Aegean Sea, complementing the ensemble of the Cyclades, shining with a bright pearl that illuminates the way for wanderers and heroes of the epic.

A bit of geography: the island of Mykonos is washed by the Aegean Sea, which got its name in honor of the Athenian king Aegeus, who was the father of the great hero of antiquity, Theseus. Aegeus fell into the depths of the sea and drowned. The story has a tragic ending, like most of the myths of ancient Hellas, which is why its contemporaries prefer fun and enthusiasm to sadness. Let's get back to geography - the island is part of the Cyclades group, creating a round dance in the center of which is the sacred island of Delos, so dearly loved by the gods Apollo and Artemis. The area of the island is 86.125 sq. m. Mykonos is known as the island of windmills. Legend has it that the island got its name in honor of an ancient hero named Mykonos, who was one of the descendants of the god Apollo. Mykonos is a tourist Eden. The island attracts from year to year golden youth from all over the world to spend a truly bohemian and luxurious holiday. Mykonos is especially attractive in the summer, it is at this time that the island comes to life, giving a new start to island life. Summer Mykonos is equivalent to winter Switzerland. This resort is recognized not only in Greece, but also far beyond its borders. Mykonos has the status of a young life island of freedom and a bohemian Cosmopolitan, while keeping the island's natural environment untouched - combining a variety of contrasts. The island has a developed infrastructure - a big advantage is the fact that buses, taxis and more run around the island. Perhaps the most popular means of transportation among tourists is a quad bike.

You can get to this wonder of the world from the capital city of Athens by sea lines in 2 or 4 hours by ferry or by air with a flight duration of 45 minutes and voila, you are in Mykonos. The flight from Thessaloniki will take no more than an hour. So, you already know how to get to the island, but don't know where to stay yet? We hasten to please, as there is a place on the island for everyone. For each guest of the island there is a place where he can spend days of rest. Whether it is a hotel or a comfortable villa, the choice depends solely on your preferences and budget. And we at Hermes Tourism will be happy to help you with this task so that nothing can stop you from enjoying your vacation. On the island, every tourist can find a cozy haven where he can truly enjoy the traditionally high service and the famous Greek hospitality. Whether it's a luxurious villa with all amenities and a large swimming pool or a hotel with magnificent views of the Aegean waters, in which the hot sun has sunk and the stars have risen in the sky.

And what about the kitchen? After all, it is not for nothing that they say: If you want to learn about the culture of the people, look into his kitchen. True gourmets can appreciate the culinary masterpieces of local chefs. The cuisine of the island is diverse and rich in various delicacies, each dish is a separate masterpiece, because in each establishment the chefs have their own secrets and style. Due to the specifics of the area, seafood prevails in Myconian gastronomy, this fact explains the presence of numerous fish restaurants (taverns and restaurants in the world-famous establishments Skorpios, Nammos, Principot, Alemagu, etc.), which are located throughout the island. Each restaurant has its own specifics, which allows you to feel their authenticity. Fans of meat dishes will also not be left deprived, because in addition to fish, there are also meat dishes on the island, both in the format of taverns and steakhouses. The island is so diverse that it has taken care of those who prefer fresh vegetables and vegetarianism to meat.

Mykonos, your beaches are your wealth... The pearls of the island are its numerous beaches that amaze travelers from all over the world. Mykonos has about 30 well-equipped sandy beaches. Some of the best are Psarou, Platis Gialos (Broad Coast), Kalo Livadi, Super Paradise, their wide expanses are covered with golden soft sand. These beaches are perfect for a relaxing holiday with children, but lovers of outdoor activities will not be bored on these magnificent beaches. Various events, both entertainment and sports, are constantly held here. For lovers of luxury holidays, Psarou beach was created, where the famous Nammos and Grecotel Mykonos Blu are located. For lovers of solitude with nature and enjoying the scenery, the south side of Paranga beach, Kalo Livadi, Kalafatis, Agia Anna is perfect. 

For all those who prefer admiring the beauties of the island, you should make a choice in favor of the northern part of the beach. And Paradise - which translates as Paradise, is perhaps the most famous beach among party-goers and golden youth. They never sleep here! Bars, clubs and specialty cocktails to the beats of world DJs. You can spend the morning here actively thanks to a large selection of sports sections, and later enjoy local cuisine, as there are numerous restaurants on the beach. As the sun goes down, the baton is taken over by clubs and bars, where fun is in full swing. You definitely won't get bored here. In a word, forever young with a twinkle and a slice of sharpness. A great place for a secluded holiday is the resort of Agrari. This is a great option for those who want to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the island. Here is a cozy beach with the same name. Nearby there are hotels where you can stay. Agrari is just perfect for a family holiday, especially for the youngest guests. In the list of the best beaches of the island, you can find Elia beach. Its landscapes amaze the eye with its picturesque sheer cliffs. There are restaurants and taverns on the beach - this is a great opportunity to taste local delicacies. Guests of the villas of the region and hotels of the Myconian Collection chain have permanent access to this beach, being in close proximity. The central part of the beach is crowded, but further away you will find silence and bliss. Going there, be prepared to meet nudists, because the edges of the beach are their favorite place (the hidden neighboring part of the beach). And so you can list indefinitely because the island is rich in a variety of beaches. It all depends on personal preferences, someone prefers tranquility, Kalafatis beach is a great option for them, for those who want to actively spend their holidays, for the super active, welcome to Ornos! It is on Ornos (its opposite part - Korfos) that there is a high-class center for surfers, where even beginners will be taught to curb the wave! Equipped sports grounds for beach games are a bonus. Kalo Livadi is perfect for spending time with children. The sea on this coast is not deep, which ensures the safety of the kids, allowing parents to relax and fully enjoy their stay on the beach, and for complete relaxation, use the Thai massage service. The sand is warm and the sea is crystal clear. The restaurants are ready for the arrival of the guests.

Climate and weather on the island: Climatically, the island is similar to other areas located among the waters of the Aegean Sea. Winds from the northeast and north have a great influence on the weather conditions of Mykonos. The winter period of the island is very mild and warm. There are rarely frosts here, and there are no fogs at all, a fact that allows you to admire the local beauties of the island without interference. The lack of snow on the island may sadden lovers of snow and snowman making.

Mykonos never sleeps! Mykonos is an island where eternal celebration and endless fun reigns, so if you are lovers of noise and big parties, then you are here! The island is often compared to the Spanish Ibiza, as the grandeur of the parties can give odds to any resort in the world. We are glad to present to your attention a few top places: Cavo Paradiso - on Paradise Beach. This area is one of the top ten discos. The club is located at the edge of a cliff, so it offers a magnificent view of the dark Aegean Sea, illuminated by the moon and stars. Under the hits of eminent DJs, you can meet the celestials of Hollywood here. The VOID club is another place where you can go all out. The club is famous for its incendiary compositions and has long become a favorite place for VIP clients. Once here, be sure that you will be served to the fullest. Clubs in Mykonos city: Sanktus, Tabu, Moni, Bonbonniere, Queen of Mykonos, Astra . And the most famous rabaret show at LIO will not leave anyone indifferent! And do not forget that almost all the restaurants in Mykonos turn into one big dance floor at one moment, thanks to the incredible atmosphere presented by world-famous DJs. This category includes: NOEMA, BAGATELLE, ZUMA, MAMALOUKA, TUYA, NUSRET.

Must-see clubs by the sea: Nammos, Scorpios, Super Paradise, Principote, Alemagou, Pacha, Paradise, Tropicana, Santanna, Pinky Beach, Hippie Fish, Paradise, Kalua.

It is worth noting that in order to get into these most popular places you need to book in advance! We will definitely help you with this, as the task is not always easy.

Mykonos is also about unforgettable sunsets, so we will definitely recommend places that give you unique moments.

For important guests, there are many helipads on the island to bring them as close as possible to the accommodation facility.

Entertainment: You can write a separate book about entertainment in Mykonos. For those who want to take a break from the party and discover the island from the other side, there are many options. 

You can rent a horse and ride around the island. If you don’t know how to stay in the saddle, then the island’s trainers at the equestrian school will be happy to teach you the art of riding, who, if desired, will help you to have an unforgettable photo session. Also, the island has a great variety of tennis courts, where you can have a great time combining business with pleasure. You can visit a traditional winery or cheese factory, discover the island as part of a 4-hour Island Tour or a 2-hour Mykonos city tour, or visit the largest open-air archaeological museum - Delos Island, all with a Russian-speaking guide. By renting a boat, you can sail with a company to the uninhabited island of Rinea and enjoy solitude on one of the many sandy bays of the island. Of course, you can go on a 3-4-8 hour cruise along the southern shores and nearby islands.

Mykonos is called the island of windmills. The mills are spread out on a hill towering over the capital of the island of Horoy. The Venetians began to build mills in the 16th century, carefully selecting the place of construction. The work was completed at the beginning of the 20th century. The mills had a great influence on the economic development of the island. Flour and bread were supplied in huge quantities to neighboring islands and countries. First of all, head towards the Castro Fortress. There are several small churches built in honor of the Virgin. Several centuries led to their unification, which creates the feeling of a snow-white block. Recognized as a national monument, Paraportiani (as this place is called) gives unforgettable emotions from meeting with them. The Archaeological Museum houses numerous treasures found during excavations in the 19th century. The museum building was built by the architect Alexandros Likakis. From the outside, the building looks discreet, simple, but tasteful. Initially, the museum consisted of one hall, which kept the treasures found in local burials. Later, due to lack of space, a larger hall was added. The museum contains a wide variety of historical values: household items, art, jewelry, tools, ritual artifacts and much more. The Gravestone Exhibition presents statues and steles. The tomb stele of Glycon, found in the sea, is kept here. The work of art is over two thousand years old. A priceless marble structure of Hercules with a lion skin in his hand, dating from the 2nd century, is also kept within the walls of the museum. The exhibition of ceramics presents a special collection of ancient jugs and vessels. Of particular interest is a vessel with a picture of the capture of Troy. The estimated date of its creation is the 7th century BC. e. The exhibition of sculptures and figurines is varied. Here are small clay figurines, a statue of a dead man in burial clothes, a clay figurine of a woman. In the hall with decorations and jewels, artifacts dating back to the 1st-2nd century BC are presented. e. A small quarter of Mykonos with houses by the sea is called Little Venice. Built in the 18th century, two-story white houses belonged to ship captains and noble merchants. Colorful balconies and windows overlooking the sea make this place extraordinarily romantic. Today, there are mini hotels of the island, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, taverns. Every tourist dreams of watching the sunset at Little Venice. The owners of coastal cafes specially arrange chairs facing the sea so that visitors can enjoy the incredible panorama. Artists and photographers walk around the quarter, ready to capture the traveler against the backdrop of sunset. Finding a neighborhood is not hard at all. It is within walking distance of 6 famous windmills. You should definitely visit this incredible place if you are on the island of Mykonos. In addition to the variety of historical, cultural, natural attractions, Mykonos also boasts a living symbol - the pelican. The mascot of the city has its own history. In the 50s of the last century, a pelican, injured by a storm, fell on the coast of Mykonos. The wounded bird was cured by the fishermen. Pelican was very fond of and gave him a nickname - Petros. Petros got used to the island and its inhabitants that he decided not to fly away. He lived in Mykonos for many years, became a local landmark and favorite. The death of Petros shocked every inhabitant of the island. Heartbroken, the Mykonians missed the bird very much, and fate presented them with a gift.

First Class Hospitality: In Mykonos, all your wishes come true. Luxurious villas and suites with private pools overlooking the endless blue Aegean Sea. Mykonos has it all! Award-winning design. Top class service. Gourmet dining on fabulous verandas next to the pool, on yachts or on private marinas. Mykonos can surprise even people accustomed to luxury. Here hospitality becomes a high-level art. In conclusion, we can say that Mykonos is a place where there is some mystery and mystery. It seems that it is eternally noisy, but even here you can enjoy silence and moderation, being alone with yourself.

Mykonos is a place where young people aspire, but at the same time, you can see old couples holding hands as they see off the sunset. The island is famous for its VIP status, but for ordinary people who are not celebrities, there will definitely be a place here. Mykonos is not just a golden coast - it is a place where to be much more valuable than it seems.

Immerse yourself in a fairy tale with HERMES TOURISM! It's worth it.