Privacy Policy

Personal data - GDPR Our new privacy policy is fully compliant with the latest guidelines on the use and processing of personal data as published by the European Union. You can read the legislation on personal data as it is published by the European Union in the following link EU Data Protection. TIN 801699387. You can see the company profile of our company on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Development. Your data is used and processed only for the reasons you have accepted.

Personal Data is collected to serve your various needs such as completing a reservation, sending news of our company to your e-mail, creating an account on our website and the interaction you have with our website. More specifically, the personal data collected is as follows: Contact details, which include first name, last name, address including number, postal code, city, landline and mobile phone, working or personal e-mail address and credit card billing address. Account details such as username and password, booking history.

Pictures, photos and videos that may have been sent by you to us and have been linked to your account, such as profile pictures. Information on physical characteristics such as age, VAT number and various other information. When we interact with our website, some more information is automatically collected by us and these include: Internet Protocol addresses (Commonly known as IPs), information about your web browser, tags, web beacons and cookies.

Reasons for data collection The primary reason for data collection is to serve your needs. So when you make a search or booking, for example, we use the information you give us to contact you for a variety of reasons, such as verifying your information, making your booking and generally your interaction service. with our website. For promotional purposes, such as sharing news and information about our site, our services and our products. Once we receive your consent, our company can include you in the prospects of action at regular intervals, such as sending email marketing. For the operation, improvement and maintenance of our business, products and services as well as for the protection of financial interests, rights of our company or third parties. For purposes of research and analysis of the effectiveness of our page. For example, data is collected and processed to know how many customers visit our page each day, which pages they visit, how much time they spend on those pages, how often they add products to their cart, and other such interactive data that allows us to do other things. use your personal data in other ways and we will provide specific notices when we collect the data, while ensuring your consent where needed.

Ιnstitutions and companies including Piraeus Bank for credit card and payment processing. Third party service providers, such as web hosts, cloud providers, email automation software providers, other third parties, to the extent required to comply with a government request, court order or applicable law, preventing unlawful use of the sites or breaches of its Terms of Use our website and our policies, our protection against third party claims and assistance in preventing or investigating fraud cases. for social networking where his profile can be displayed, which may include photos, name, date of birth and other personal information.

Third party service providers, such as web hosts, cloud providers, email automation software providers, other third parties, to the extent required to comply with government request, court order or applicable law, to prevent illegal use of the Networks.